Build of the school

The Noah's Ark Academy Naminya started the school in 2012. A small room was used as a classroom while other classrooms were being built. The build stopped for a long time due to a lack of money and it was necessary to teach two classes in the same classroom in 2013. The build commenced again in early 2014 and as a result of donations from volunteers a second classroom has been realized. Also in 2015 gifts resulted in the build of two new classrooms. Through financial support of the Naminya Foundation in 2016 a fifth classroom can now be build.

The goal for 2017/2018 is to finance the build of a new classroom every year.


The children are ready to enter classrooms.

The aim of the foundation is to build a new classroom every year. The costs for the construction amount to approximately 4500 euros. To raise this amount, the foundation depends on donors. In May 2016 there were six groups in five classrooms. The need to build new classrooms is therefore great. In Uganda it is allowed to combine the lower classes (baby class, middle class and top class), but the higher classes from P1 may not be combined. The plans to build the remaining five classrooms in the coming years are ready, now it is time to raise the necessary funds.


Toilet building

Construction of the second toilet block started in May 2016. The construction was made possible by a sponsor campaign from a donor. All construction work is carried out by local workers. In this way the local economy is also stimulated. The government has set rules that a toilet block with four toilets is suitable for 80 children. With the second toilet block, the school provides the hygiene rules for the 110 children who are now attending the school.

First toilet block   Construction of the second toilet block



In addition to the construction of the classrooms, it is also necessary to do something about the interior. Benches (left) and school desks (right) are currently being used. For cost reasons, NAAN initially opted to provide the classrooms with benches, since these can be purchased for € 10 while a school desk costs € 30.



The aim is to provide all classrooms with school desks, so that the children do not have to sit on the floor during class.